SnapGene Crack Download

SnapGene crack offers the fastest and easiest way to plan, visualize, and document DNA cloning and PCR. You can easily annotate features and design primers.

SnapGene Crack Download

Design Better Procedures

Accurately design and simulate cloning procedures. Test complicated projects, catch errors before they happen, and obtain the right constructs the first time.

Visualize Your Process

Cloning is easier when you can see what you are doing. The intuitive interface offers you unparalleled visibility into your work, simplifying often complex tasks.

Automatically Record Your Work

SnapGene automates documentation, so you don’t have to. See and share every sequence edit and cloning procedure that led to your final plasmid.


SnapGene Features

  • Elegant, information-rich windows for simulating common cloning and PCR methods
  • Clear visual schematics let you see exactly how your construct will be put together
  • helps you identify and avoid common mis-steps by keeping track of details like DNA methylation and phosphorylation
  • Intuitive technology identifies design flaws in cloning procedures so they can be corrected
  • Simulate standard PCR using your own primers, or allow SnapGene to design them automatically
  • Specialised cloning tools ensure fast accurate construct design for all major molecular cloning techniques
  • Display enzyme sites, features, primers, ORFs, translations and more on plasmid maps or in detail on the sequence view
  • Customize your maps with flexible annotation and visualization controls
  • Validate your sequenced constructs match your simulated construct using the powerful Align to Reference tool
  • Align sequences using trusted algorithms for pairwise and multiple alignments, including Clustal Omega, MAFFT, MUSCLE and T-Coffee
  • Assemble Sanger sequencing reads into complete contigs using CAP3
  • Visualise exactly what you will see in the lab with SnapGene’s empirically based gel simulation algorithm
  • Record experimental procedures and changes to documents visually


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