Risk Explorer Crack Download

Risk Explorer is an industry-leading Dynamic Financial Analysis (DFA) software solution featuring powerful analytics, high-performance simulation technology, a flexible and extensible model structure and seamless integration with your company’s IT infrastructure.

Risk Explorer Crack Download
Risk Explorer Crack Download


You will find built-in support for most DFA modelling needs:

  • Portfolio risk management and modelling
  • Economic capital estimation and allocation
  • Evaluation of ceded reinsurance and other management strategies
  • Cash flow analysis, financial statement modelling and projections


Risk Explorer Features

Analytical Power

Built-in collective risk, clash and catastrophe models, assumed or ceded reinsurance, correlations and other complex dependencies, copulas, common shocks and all types of financial statements for the company or business segments.

Ease of Use

The clear, logical structure, point-and-click user interface, built-in user guides and wizards help you become productive with Risk Explorer™ very quickly, while not weighing you down as your models grow in size and sophistication.


No scripting or programming languages are ever needed. New model elements and functionality can be designed in Excel. Translator++™ for Excel converts spreadsheet logic and calculations into stand-alone machine-code extensions of Risk Explorer™ that are independent of Excel.


Models risk portfolios for direct insurers, MGAs; property cat, casualty or finite reinsurers. Serves equally well for a small mono-line company or large multinational conglomerate.


State-of-the-art simulation engine runs hundreds of thousands of random scenarios for large corporate portfolios. Large simulation models can be effortlessly distributed to many computers on a company network.

Efficient Decision Support

Fast and efficient simultaneous evaluation of reinsurance, investment and underwriting strategies. Reinsurance net benefit and risk transfer analyses by contract or programme do not need separate models.

Cat Portfolio Management

Industrial strength Catastrophe portfolio management capability is built into the software. Reinsurers can manage catastrophe portfolios without spending years and millions of dollars to build a special-purpose system.

Risk Evaluation

Analyse business strategy options with deterministic or fully stochastic models. Risk Explorer™ also serves as a powerful risk pricing tool that can help identify key risk factors and quantify the cost of risk


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Risk Explorer


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