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WebInspect crack is an automated and configurable web-application security-testing tool that mimics real-world hacking techniques and attacks, enabling you to thoroughly analyze your complex web applications and services for security vulnerabilities. By enabling you to test web applications from development through production, efficiently manage test results and distribute security knowledge throughout your organization, WebInspect empowers you to protect your most vulnerable entry points from attack.

WebInspect Crack Download


Micro Focus WebInspect Features

  • Web application security testing from development through production
  • Easily manage, view and share security-test results and histories
  • Enable broader lifecycle adoption through security automation
  • Elevate security knowledge across your entire business
  • Prove compliance with regulations and security policies


HP WebInspect Key Benefits

Find Vulnerabilities Faster and Earlier WebInspect can be tuned and optimized for your application to find vulnerabilities faster and earlier in the SDLC. WebInspect Agent integrates dynamic testing and runtime analysis to enhance your findings and scope. It identifies vulnerabilities by crawling more of the app, expanding coverage of the attack surface, and exposing exploits better than dynamic testing alone.

Manage application security risk across the enterprise with reports for remediation and management oversight. Monitor trends and take action on vulnerabilities within an application. Build an enterprise-wide AppSec program that manages and provides visibility to your risk profile via dashboards and reports, so you can confirm remediation, track metrics, trends and progress. ScanCentral DAST can be used as an orchestration platform to run hundreds of thousands of scans, enabling a small team of AppSec professionals to manage an entire organization.


Source: www.microfocus.com

Developer: Micro Focus

Software Version: Fortify WebInspect v20.2.0 ( HP WebInspect )


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