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progeCAD Professional crack is an application that comes packed with various tools for helping users create 2D and 3D CAD designs. progeCAD is able to display the content of DWG files, and allows users to convert PDF files to DWF file format, create a new drawing from scratch, or with the use of a template or wizard, drag and drop drawings directly from websites, as well as set up various parameters, such as layer, colour, line type, scale, line weight, unit, text height, and drawing limit.

progeCAD Professional Crack


Other important options worth mentioning enable users to use the polar pointing view for observing the temporary alignment of trajectories, design simple entities which include lines, circles, arcs, ellipses, points, and rays, and use a freehand sketch tool. It is possible to create complex entities by using various tools for drawing different objects (polylines, spline curves, donuts, planes) and adding hatching options to your drawings.


progeCAD Professional

  • DWG 2017 support
  • Windows RIBBON-style user interface
  • 64 Bit and Multicore support
  • PointCloud Import
  • Table Styles
  • DWG Converter
  • Improved files interchange and DWG compatibility
  • New Advanced Polyline Grips
  • Dynamic blocks improved grips
  • Print to DWF/DWFx files
  • Attach compressed raster images
  • Support for RGB and index color value
  • .NET API
  • iCADLib
  • EasyArch 3D – Metric/Imperial support – works 2D and 3D –
  • Xref Manager
  • Bitmap/Raster View
  • Hatch Trim
  • Bitmap Clipping
  • Gradient Hatch support
  • Polygonal layout Viewports
  • Dynamic blocks editing
  • 3D Ortho
  • Tables support
  • Dynamic UCS
  • Flatshot command
  • AEC and MDT objects support
  • Snap Extension
  • PDF Import-Export –
  • PDF Export
  • STL and Collada (DAE) Import/Export
  • DGN Import
  • DWG Export
  • PC3 Print Support
  • PDF, DWF and DGN Underlay
  • PDF/A ISO19005 Standard Print
  • Drawing Fields
  • Find and Replace
  • Express Tools
  • Annotative Objects
  • Arc Aligned Text
  • Multigrip Editing
  • Helix and Loft Commands
  • eTransmit
  • Advanced CTB
  • progeCAD Rendering
  • Eattedit
  • Solprof
  • progeCAD QDIM
  • Google EarthTM Integration
  • Spell Checker
  • Publish (Batch Plot)
  • progeCAD New Wizard
  • progeCAD DWG Explorer
  • Extended Hatches
  • Layer Manager
  • Layout
  • Render Export
  • ECW and Jpeg 2000 raster format
  • Hidden lines in Dview
  • Layers interface
  • Quick Group
  • Raster to Vector
  • Layout Advanced Features
  • Print area visualization
  • Advanced Data Extraction
  • DIESEL language support
  • DWF Import & Export
  • JPG and PDF print
  • RealTime Pan & Zoom
  • Lineweight for Display and Printing
  • 3D Print
  • Dynamic Input
  • progeCAD Cloud
  • ActiveX integration
  • Customization (AutoLISP, DIESEL, SDS, IRX, COM Automation)


System Requirements

  • Intel or AMD Pentium equivalent, or more powerful processor
  • 256 Mb RAM minimum (2 Gb or more recommended)
  • 2 Gb free hard disk space


File size : 713 mb


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