Oxygen Forensic Detective Crack Download

Oxygen Forensic Detective crack is advanced software to extract data from multiple sources. Finds passwords to encrypted backups and images. Bypasses screen lock on popular Android OS devices. Acquires location history and media files from drones.

Oxygen Forensic Detective Crack Download


Accounts and Passwords
Decrypt passwords and authentication tokens to user accounts in social networks, messengers and email apps. Reveal passwords that were used to connect to wi-fi networks

Advanced physical methods
Physical collection while bypassing device security.

Extract, decrypt and examine user data from today’s most popular apps.

Backup and image import
Import and parse various backups and images made from today’s devices like ios, android, and more as well as import from other forensic tools like cellebrite and msab.

View dialed, answered and failed calls including deleted ones. Apply filters to show calls only for a specific period of time

Cdr analysis
Process and analyze call data records obtained from wireless providers. Visualize geo coordinates on the map and identify links between callers

Cloud data
Gain access to cloud services like: whatsapp, telegram, icloud, google, samsung, microsoft, facebook, instagram, twitter and many other social media cloud services.

Uncover and reveal names, usernames, emails, and more in different sources on the device.

Data reports
Customize and generate data reports in many formats like pdf, xls, rtf, xml and html.

Data search
Powerful global search over a single device, multiple devices or entire case.

Device information
View the detailed information about the device and its owner

Drone data
Extract and analyze drone data from physical dumps, drone logs and mobile applications.

Oxygen Forensic Detective Drone Data
Oxygen Forensic Detective Drone Data

Encrypted backups and images import
Find passwords to encrypted backups and images by using various attacks and optimize the attacks to deliver unrivaled results in record speeds.

Facial recognition
Use the most innovative and powerful ability to categorize human faces at no additional charge

Access a devices photos, audio and video files, databases and other acquired evidence at the file-system level. View any file in a raw, hex mode, native view.

and …


Oxygen Forensic Detective Crack Features

  • Finds passwords to encrypted backups and images
  • Bypasses screen lock on popular Android OS devices
  • Acquires flight history and media files from drones
  • Extracts data from cloud services and storages
  • Acquires data from IoT devices and smartwatches
  • Collects user data and credentials on PCs
  • Offers import and analysis of call data records
  • Provides data analysis, including Facial Recognition


Developer / Source : https://www.oxygen-forensic.com/


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