InvivoDental Invivo 6.0.2 Crack Download

InvivoDental or Invivo 6 Crack is an advanced 3D imaging software with powerful implant planning modules.

InvivoDental Invivo Crack Download

Anatomage has been a market leader developing the most advanced 3D rendering software for both medical and dental specialists for more than ten years. Invivo6, our latest version, maintains an intuitive user interface while still delivering a wide range of diagnostic capabilities so you can provide the best healthcare for your patients.


Invivo Features

Invivo caters to the broad needs of endodontists, oral surgeons, orthodontists, periodontists, prosthodontists, and radiologists with comprehensive capabilities.

Hit the ground running with a beautiful design, simple workflow, and logical interface. Learn fast and improve patient care with Anatomage’s Invivo 3D imaging software.

Invivo is used by major academic institutions, top private practices, opinion leaders, and research projects around the world and consistently gets the highest remarks.


Radiology Applications

Invivo is frequently used for medical radiology diagnosis and opens dental CBCT, medical CT, MRI, and other medical scans in the standard DICOM format. The software has versatile radiology layouts for implant assessment, TMJ workups, sinus examination, airway analysis, and more. Create traditional panoramic and cephalometric images from volumetric reconstructions. Print images in 1:1 life size formats with customized logo options and image notations. Easily share your cases with other doctors using Anatomage Cloud – our universal medical image sharing platform.

Implant Planning

Implant planning in Invivo is fast and intuitive. Select your preferred implant products from an extensive library for quick placement. Parallel implant designs, volumetric sinus measurements, and intraoral scan registration is easily accomplished. Improve your accuracy and visualize your treatment plan objective in 3D with the most advanced planning tools on the market.

Communicate the value of your treatment in 3D by easily creating custom videos for your patient consultations. Collaborate with colleagues from different backgrounds to arrive at the ideal treatment plan.

Orthodontic Applications

3D CBCT imaging has brought more diagnostic information and digital capabilities to orthodontists. Invivo in particular has become the platform for visualizing 3D scans to quickly analyze patient malocclusion, transpalatal width, molar angulation, and more.

Anatomodels in concert with Invivo have allowed orthodontists to move away from static physical models and treatment plan using dynamic digital study models. Now when considering canine extractions, maxillary expansion, TAD implants, and other complex treatments, Invivo can assist you in creating the most effective treatment.



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