Dirac 6.0 Crack Download

Dirac Crack is a sophisticated tool to calculate a very wide range of acoustical parameters from impulse response measurements of an enclosure. Through many years of development and customer feedback, Dirac has grown to support many different applications. Due to its user friendly interface it is suitable for field measurements, but it also contains many advanced features that make it useful in a laboratory or research setting.

Dirac Crack Download
Dirac Crack Download

To capture an impulse response, a stimulus signal is generated by Dirac or an external source. This stimulus signal is played in the enclosure through a sound source, and recorded through a microphone. Dirac then deconvolves the recorded response with the original stimulus to arrive at the impulse response.

Dirac will work with most Windows compatible sound devices. External USB based sound devices, such as the Triton, are recommended. The FAQ lists of some of the other sound devices that can be used with Dirac. Dirac is very easy to use, yet provides all the features you may need for your measurements. The automated sound device loopback test ensures that you will get the optimum results from your system.

Dirac Software Crack
Dirac Software Crack

Dirac comes with an extensive context sensitive help system and a comprehensive manual that contain many practical hints and tips that will help you to use the tool successfully. Qualified support is available through the worldwide network of Brüel & Kjær backed by Acoustics Engineering specialists.

Dirac Features:

  • Calculates a large number of acoustical parameters.
  • Conforms to ISO 3382 and IEC 60268-16 standards and supports ISO 3741 and EN 1793-5 standards.
  • Open loop (asynchronous) measurements using a CD or MP3 player to play back an MLS or sweep stimulus.
  • Intermittent stimulus for background noise capture.
  • Single measurement per position for ISO 3382-3 open plan office measurements.
  • The included 1/1 and 1/3 octave band filters are fully IEC 61260 compliant.
  • Scale model measurements with air absorption compensation, and auralisation.
  • Realtime pre-averaging for up to 1000 recordings. Post averaging for direct impulse measurements.
  • Automated measurements reduce the total time required for a measurement session.
  • Reverse filtering technique enables accurate short reverberation time measurement, such as in studios and building structures (loss factor).
  • Multiple impulse response views with zoom: waveform, ETC, Decay, Frequency and Phase response.
  • Waveform editing with unlimited undo.
  • Uses standard WAV and ASCII files as well as MLSSA TIM files. Multi-channel import from B&K WAV files (PULSE).
  • Calculates and graphically displays statistics over multiple measurements (mean, standard deviation, min-max).
  • Plot parameter values versus frequency or versus source-receiver distance.
  • Directivity, waterfall and spectrogram plots.
  • Parameter graphs can be printed, saved as text files or copied to the clipboard for use in reports.
  • Organize measurements in projects and export all parameters for all files in a single operation.
  • Automatic notification and download of software updates.
  • Runs on Windows Vista, 7, 8 and 10
  • Support CoreAudio (WASAPI) and ASIO audio.


Software Version : Dirac 6.0.5786.612

Website : Developer


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