CFTurbo 2020 R1.1.32 Download

CFturbo is an interactive and user-friendly turbomachinery design software. With CFturbo, you can create completely new geometries as well as modify existing designs. Reverse engineering is supported.

CFTurbo Free Download


CFturbo guides the user step-by-step through the complete design process of a turbomachine. A first draft can be generated automatically, and in the subsequent design process the user has control over every detail.


CFTurbo Features

  • 3D model rotate, move, and zoom
  • Configurable, detailed views
  • Export 3D CAD model
  • Import 3D CAD model
  • Parameters of all design steps available
  • Parameters can be exported separately
  • Range limits for parameter variables can be defined
  • Seamless integration in design exploration or optimization
  • Import and replicate existing turbomachinery components
  • Import of existing meridional curves with automatic conversion to Bezier splines
  • Design blades based on given blade angles at leading and trailing edges, or import meanlines if available
  • Import blade thickness profiles, airfoils, and hydrofoils
  • Compare imported model data with reverse engineered CFturbo file
  • Export of points, curves, surfaces, solids
  • Neutral Interface (STEP, IGES, Parasolid, STL, DXF)
  • Interfaces to CAD, CFD, and FEA
  • Create new interfaces based on customer feedback


Software version : CFTurbo 2020 R1.1.32

Size : 110 MB

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