Archelios Calc 2019.2.0.7 Crack Download

Archelios Calc – PV installation calculation software is a complete software solution for calculation, sizing and control of photovoltaic installations connected to the public grid.

Archelios Calc Crack


As a specific professional tool designed for photovoltaic installers, archelios™ Calc takes into account any kind of PV installation in its totality: from the photovoltaic panels to the inverter and from the inverter to the network.

archelios™ Calc presents a complete and global view of the photovoltaic installation, from the photovoltaic modules to the connection to the public power network.

archelios Calc is a solution which ensures optimal security with real time photovoltaic calculation of the installation and its control according to the standards.

Archelios Calc Main technical characteristics:

  • Detailed synoptic of all the installation
  • DC and AC electrical sizing, mono or multi inverters
  • Detailed management of inverters (multi-trackers, multi-strings, integrated protections…)
  • Analysis of the lightning hazard (sizing of lightning arresters)
  • Processing all types of PV installation including beyond 250 kVA
  • Calculation in real time and multi-standard controls
  • Integrated or customizable multi-manufacturers database
  • Visualization of non-compliant elements
  • Edition of the complete regulatory folder for the controlling organization


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Software Version : 2019.2.0.7 Latest Version


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